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Brianne Thompson

FS, MFS, VFS, Canopy, Tunnel

An Arizona native, Brianne is a professional skydiver, competitor, and AFF instructor. She was a member of the USA Women's 4-way team (Blue) from 2006 to 2010.

Blue attended the World Championships in Germany, France and Russia (2006–2010). Brianne has won two world medals from the 2008 and 2010 World Championships. She continues to compete at the national level with VFS 4-Way Open Team Arizona X-FORCE as well as MFS 2-Way Open team AXIS. If you want to learn more about the teams, please visit their websites.

Brianne Thompson flying a Valkyrie for a PD ad

AXIS is proud to have Brianne as its lead FS instructor on staff. She is a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic coach who will challenge you in a positive environment.


Brianne has been featured in skydiving magazines all over the world and has appeared in advertisements for some of the industries top manufacturers.

Video: Valkyrie Fire Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Skydiving Stats









Licenses / Ratings:

USPA D License,
Coach, AFF-I, IAD,
Pro rated for 75 sqft.

Number of Jumps:


Tunnel Time:

Lots of Hours
IBA Tunnel Stats

Emergency Cutaway:


Intentional Cutaway:


Silver Medal at FAI World Meet 2008 with Team BlueBronce Medal at FAI World Meet 2010 with Team Blue USPA National Skydiving Competition Record 2009: Female 4-Way Formation Skydiving - 26 Points Second Place at USPA Nationals 2017 in the Speed Skydiving Test Event Bronce Medals at USPA Nationals in VFS 4-Way Open in 2015, 2016, and 2017

Competition History

Peak Competition Performances

Formation Skydiving

Formation Skydiving indoor

Vertical Formation Skydiving

Vertical Formation Skydiving indoor

Mixed Formation Skydiving

Speed Skydiving

FAI World Skydiving Championships

0   1   1

4th in VFS 4-way, Saarlouis, Germany (2017),
2nd in FS 4-way female, Maubeuge, France (2008),
3rd in FS 4-way female, Menzelinsk, Russia (2010),
4th in FS 4-way female, Gera, Germany (2006).

USPA National Skydiving Championships

0   1   3

2nd in Women's Speed Skydiving (Test Event 2017),
3rd in VFS 4-way Open (2017),
4th in MFS 2-way Open (2017),
3rd in VFS 4-way Open (2016),
3rd in VFS 4-way Open (2015).

6 times best female FS 4-way Open team at USPA National Skydiving Championships

2009 Skydive Spaceland,
2008 Eloy, AZ,
2007 Skydive Chicago,
2006 Eloy, AZ,
2005 Perris, CA,
2003 Lake Wales, FL.

Indoor Skydiving

3rd in FS 4-way Open (2017 IBA USA Indoor National Championships),
2nd in VFS 4-way Open (2017 Paraclete XP Indoor Championships),
1st in VFS 4-way Open (2016 Battle of the Blades at iFly Seattle),
3rd in VFS 2-way Open (2016 Battle of the Blades at iFly Seattle).

Chesley H Judy USPA Safety Award 2015 to Brianne Thompson Regional Achievement Award 2015 to Brianne Thompson

Awards and Recognitions

Chesley H. Judy USPA Safety Award 2015,
2015 USPA Regional Achievement Award.





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